25/06/2013 Soil decree : how to avoid a time bomb
The legislation has been in force for several months but is inapplicable in some areas. Mr Henry, the Minister concerned, has reviewed the text, and the changes are leading in the right direction. Are all the real estate professionals reassured ? pdf Quest'On: Soil decree : how to avoid a time bomb

26/04/2013 Should we invest in offices in Namur ?
The private sector is welcome in Namur; the mayor Maxime Prévot has adamantly declared it. Obviously we are very pleased, even though life is not necessarily easy for investors in the political capital of Wallonia because the market lacks clarity. Here, as elsewhere, the real estate players often maintain a certain discretion about their customers and their projects, and here in particular, the public authorities have a key position on the office market. When they could, or should, act as a catalyst with the effect of encouraging private investors, as the mayor understands well, they maintain an unpleasant vagueness that constitutes an obstacle to investment. The information required for decision-making is missing or is not available to private decision-makers. This applies to the present and future situation with the impact of regionalisation. It’s a shame because the potential of Namur is obvious. The market should be opened, and ImmoQuest will help you push open the door… pdf Quest'On: Should we invest in offices in Namur ?

20/02/2013 Quest’On, is the new «rendez vous» that Immoquest is offering you.
For several years you have been used to receiving our publications, and we will continue doing this while innovating our approach. Rooted on current topics as much as possible, our assessments strive to offer you a more global view of the market, even if it is local. Starting with a question, we look for answers to enlighten you about issues and upcoming projects. Written by the hand of Frédéric Van Vlodorp, these studies are intended to be synoptic and exclusive, with accurate information, but without neglecting one or two thoughts on the subject, which can also offer opportunities to generate business. Quest’On fits into the Immoquest team philosophy combining flexibility, opportunity and response speed. pdf Quest'On: Quest’On, is the new «rendez vous» that Immoquest is offering you.